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Sunday 7 April 2024, at 17h00
Guegnon, France
Festival "4 Seasons in Charolais" concert with Valentine Michaud, saxophone.
Saturday june 15, 2024
Duisburg, Germany
Organ concert at Duisburg Philharmonie
July 7th, 2024
Orléans, France
Concert on the Cavaillé-coll at the cathedral in Orléans with David Guerrier.
July 14-20, 2024
Haarlem, the Netherlands
Professor at the Haarlem International Summer Academy
Sunday July 21 2024
Celles-sur-Belle, France
Concert Saxophone and organ with Valentine Michaud
Sunday July 28th, 2024 at 4PM
Moulins, France
Organ recital in Moulins cathedral for the 9th Organ Festival.
Sunday August 4th, 2024
Fulda, Germany
Organ recital at the Internationaler Orgelsommer in Fulda cathedral.
Thursday August 8th, 2024
Salamanca, Spain
Organ recital at Salamanca Cathedral
15th september 2024
Horgen, Switzerland
Mechanic Fantasy for organ, strings and timpani. Frédéric Champion, organ, String orchestra, direction Daniel Pérez.
Saturday September 28, 2024
Paris, France
Saint-Séverin church, for the 60 years anniversary of the organ.
Wednesday October 4 2024
Saint-Omer, France
Jury at the Pierre de Manchicourt competition
Sunday October 6th, 2024 at 4PM
Saint-Quentin, France
Organ recital in Saint-Quentin basilica. Organ (90 stops, IV manuals) restored in 2023
Tuesday October 8, 2024
Versailles, France
Festival Musique à Versailles. 12 Etudes for piano solo op.45 - Romain Hervé, piano. First complete performance.
Sunday October 13 2024, at 4:30PM
Roquevaire, France
Concert of the Festival of Roquevaire with the trumpeter David Guerrier
Sunday October 20th, 2024 at 4PM
Saint-Sever, France
Organ recital on the Cavaillé-coll Organ (1898) at the Église abbatiale in Saint-Sever (Landes)
February 23rd, 2025
Montréal, Canada
Solo recital at the Maison Symphonique in Montréal.
Wednesday February 26th, 2025
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Solo performance. Recital at the Museum Center at Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Monday March 3, 2025
Richmond, Virginia, USA
Solo performance.
May 11th, 2025
Angers, France
World Premiere of a Concerto for Organ for the Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire at the Centre des Congrés in Angers. Festival "Le Printemps des Orgues".
June 13th, 2025
Kevelaer, Germany
Solo recital in Kevelaer
Thursday August 7th to Sunday August 10th, 2025
Leipzig, Germany
Professor at the European Organ Academy in Leipzig 2025.