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L'enfant, le cercle et le vent / The Child, the Circle and the Wind

This work is a dialogue between two themes: the circle and the child. The wind is itself evoked by the breath of a dynamic beginning and the delicate breezes of the end.
The overture of the piece presents the first theme (the circle) an energetic and dynamic melody. After a blast that destroyed this theme, the second appears (the child) with majestic chords and a simple melody.
The speech then swirls around countless melodic and rhythmic circles, but the elk out of breath from time to time to let show a popular melody that unfolds more and more
It is this popular melody ("the clear fountain ..." a famous French song) that evokes childhood and predominates at the end of the book. She tenderly closes the work in an atmosphere spreads and serene, while a last breeze suspend the passage of time.