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Regard vers l'Aïr / A Look towards the Aïr

The purely fictional subject of the piece is an evocation of the Aïr massif in Niger.
The gradual, inexorable tolling of a low, static E flat - with its many possible different registrations - is followed by a mysterious melody, that of an inner voice which gradually becomes more and more tormented. The ouverture reaches its peak on the organ tutti.
A rythmis passage follows, together with a more concise melodic line and an alternate freer, improved arabesque. As they are repeated, these musical elements grow in intensity before vanishing suddenly with the return if the initial melody which, in a totally different character now, appears in echo writing, like two children running after each other. The dance rhythms slowly fade in the background as unusual harmonic combinations come through, suggestive of wind gusts over ocean waves.
A few chords wrapped around a fragmented lament - a reminiscence of the past - which dies out in the high register. The, after a brief moment of silent, the different elements of the piece combine in an insistent call, making the organ sound in its full majesty. One last harmony seems to concentrate sound and project it as far as possible to the other end of the edifice.

© Jean-Baptiste Robin

First performances : December 7, 2003 at Nantes cathedrale (JBR) - April 29, 2004 in Nantes Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Port (JBR) - May 16 2004, Cernay in église-Saint-Etienne (JBR) - 30 juillet 2004, Strasbourg, cathédrale (JBR) - 8 août 2004, Boulogne-sur-mer, cathédrale (JBR) - 25 avril 2005, Lyon, église de l'immaculée conception (Frédéric Champion=FC) - 18 juin 2005, Dieppe, Saint-Rémy (FC) -12 juillet 2005, Haarlem, église Saint-Bavo (JBR) - 20 juillet 2005, Potsdam-Sanssouci (G), Friedenkirche (JBR) - 24 août 2005, Saint-Bertrand de Comminges, cathédrale (JBR) - 14 octobre 2005, Ham, église Notre-Dame (JBR)- 4 novembre 2005, Coblence (G), église Saint-Joseph (JBR) - 17 novembre 2005, Bordeaux, église Saint-Augustin (FC) -11 décembre 2005, Saint-Germain-Saint-Pierre (FC) - festival Toulouse les Orgues (JBR) - 7avrile 2006, Lausanne (CH), église Saint-François (FC) - 21 avril 2006, Habikino Concert Hall (J) (FC) - 23 avril 2006, Shinga Concert Hall (J) (FC) - 5 mars 2007, Covington (KY, USA), Trinity Church (JBR) - 11 mai 2007, Montluel, église Notre-Dame des Marais.