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Chant de l'Âme / Song of the Soul

The tender and nostalgic melody of the beginning of the piece appears in a profoundly peaceful and luminous atmosphere. This single and omnipresent theme, supported by warm harmonies, never stops rising, desperate, until it reaches a poignant climax.
Doors to heavenly music then open, instruments suspended in the high register, while a violin, as a comforting Angel, introduces itself into the dialogue.
The melody then becomes strained and evolves in a tragic and dark atmosphere. The tempi accelerate, the trumpet livens up in agitation, until the theme, resounding and victorious, expresses itself in long notes. The Chant de l'âme is then reduced to a single plaintive knell, evoking a marine trumpet, and lets the orchestra alone state the theme for the last time.
The work closes in a blissful climate that contrasts with the previous atmosphere in order to dissipate its feelings and musical elements.