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Chant du Ténéré / Song of Ténéré

This is the song of a solitary tree, the “tree of Ténéré” - a living legend in Africa until 1973. Standing alone, isolated in the middle of one of the most forbidding regions of the Sahara desert, this solitary acacia was the only tree to have survived in such extreme climatic conditions for miles around.
Chant du Ténéré (Song of Ténéré) is a manner of paying tribute to fellow-composer Jean-Louis Florentz. The tree is symbolizes his love of Africa, his intense spirituality and creative power.
Framed with a jubilatory motif of repeated notes that runs throughout the whole piece, the actual Chant du Ténéré (meas. 77-127) combines the force of the elements with a deep song of solitude.

Practical information for organists:
There are only about 10 registration changes. The piece can be played on an organ equipped with three 54-note keyboards (C1-F5) and a 29-note pedal keyboard (C1-E3).
A swell box is not a prerequisite.
A Cornet stop, compound or split (Bourdon 8’, Prestant 4’, Nasard 2’ 2/3, Flûte 2’ or Doublette 2’, Tierce 1’ 3/5) is desirable.
Jean-Baptiste ROBIN