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Double danse / Double dancefor soprano saxophone (or flute) and organ
Instrumentation : Soprano saxophone or Flute and organ
Composition​ : 2022
Commission : Ars terra
Duration​ : 4 mn 30 s
First performance : July 15th, 2024, Abbaye de Valloires
Publisher : Gérard Billaudot
The work begins with a dancing and jubilant rhythm on the saxophone which makes a "tick" sound in slaps". A second dancing and very singing theme immediately succeeds it in measure 18. These two ideas will be constantly developed, opposed and even superimposed in measure 118. The continuous variation of these elements, like baroque doubles, takes the listener into varied climates where time sometimes seems to struggle with the dance.

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Parchemins de cendre / Scrolls ashfor C trumpet and organ
Instrumentation : C trumpet and organ
Composition​ : 2021
Commission : Radio France and Orgues en Béthunois
Duration​ : 7 mn 30 s
First performance : June 8, 2022, Radio France Concert Hall
Publisher : Gérard Billaudot
The piece is based on three simple thematic elements which, each in their own way, refer to the past and therefore to the central idea of the work. A rhythmic formula, a sort of "ticking", image of inexorable time and which, in various variations, calibrates the whole piece. A melodic theme launched by the trumpet in a modal E minor, pseudo-medieval or reborn chant (like an old song). A cell of three notes in long values, a call motif that sounds like the start of a Gregorian cantus firmus or a chorale. The work is divided into four sections ...
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Chant de l'Âme /Song of the Soulfor C trumpet and string quintet
Instrumentation : string quintet and C trumpet
Composition​ : 2014-2020
Duration​ : 7 mn
First performance : November 12, 2020, Romain Leleu Sextet, trumpet
Publisher : Gérard Billaudot (full score and orchestral parts on location)
The tender and nostalgic melody of the beginning of the piece appears in a profoundly peaceful and luminous atmosphere. This single and omnipresent theme, supported by warm harmonies, never stops rising, desperate, until it reaches a poignant climax.
Doors to heavenly music then open, instruments suspended in the high register, while a violin, as a comforting Angel, introduces itself into the dialogue.
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#Tictacfor piano and violin
Instrumentation : piano and violin
Composition​ : 2015 (1) - 2019 (2-5)
Commission : Co-commission from Versailles Grand-Parc and Pontlevoy festival.
Duration​ : 10 mn 30 s
First performance : October 17, 2019, Claude Debussy auditorium in Versailles, Saskia Lethiec, violin, Michaël Guido, piano. July 2, 2015, Pontlevoy, Dana Ciocarlie, piano and Marianne Piketty, violin
Publisher : Gérard Billaudot
1. Tictac tictac / Tick-tock tock-tock
2. Mouvement stellaire / Stellar movement
3. Les secondes danses / The second dances
4. Goutte de temps / Drop of time
5. Entrechoc / Entrechoc

#Tictac for piano and violin (2019) is a piece in five movements, alternately fast and slow, based on the constant ticking of the clock. Over this structural element, the different movements unfold multiple rhythmic and melodic variations.
Tictac tictac introduces the main motive, immediately setting off a first process of transformation.
Secondary motifs develop as if the ricking of the clock expressed a full range of moods, in turn playful, lyrical, quick-tempered, majestic, dreamy and finally radiant.
Les Rouages du temps /The Cogs of Timefor flute, cello and organ
Instrumentation : flute, cello and organ
Composition​ : 2019
Commission : Ensemble Ctesibios
Duration​ : 5 mn
First performance : First recording released on November 2020
Publisher : None
Commission from Ctésibios Ensemble : Khrystyna Sarksyan, flute / Thibaut Rezniceck, cello andQuentin Guérillot, organ.
Recording in Saint-Etienne-du-Mont, Paris, le 24-25 june 2019
Pulsefor saxophone quartet
Instrumentation : saxophone quartet
Composition​ : 2016
Commission : Banque Populaire Foundation
Duration​ : 6 min 30 s
First performance : December 11, 2016. St Louis cathedral in Versailles by Morphing Quartet
Publisher : Gérard Billaudot (collection Ellipsos)
Pulse is an energetic and rhythmic work
that draws its inspiration from the Brazilian percussion of Batacuda without sacrificing a musical language both fully contemporary and personal. A darting, two-voiced theme emerges progressively. Distant and mysterious, it leads to a rhythmic, dancing motif that will continue to be developed throughout. The composition expresses itself around these two thematic elements, which form the building blocks of the whole. Through them, the listener travels
to the heart of a pulsating world in which saxophones resonate with force and colour.
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Also available in CD by Ellipsos Quartet. United Colors Album, NoMadMusic CD label.
Sur un Sommet / On Topfor wind trio
Instrumentation : Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon
Composition​ : 2016
Commission : Orchestre des Pays de Savoie
Duration​ : 13 mn
First performance : Saturday March 25, 2:30PM, Annecy Hospital by Hugues Lachaise, oboe - Richard Malblanc, clarinet - Nicolas Cardoze, bassoon.
Publisher : Gérard Billaudot
This work describes the ascent of Mont-Blanc by three musicians of the Orchestre des Pays de Savoie, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the orchestra.
Details of movements:
1. Jubilations (1 mn 20 s)
2. Nuit (1 mn 30 s)
3. De l'aube vers les cimes / From dawn to the summit (4 mn 20s)
4. Les marches au Sommet / The steps at the top (3 mn 30s)
5. Postlude (1 mn)
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Chant de l'Âme / Song of the Soulfor trumpet and piano (reduction)
Instrumentation : C or B flat trumpet (or B flat clarinet) and piano
Composition​ : 2015 (orchestral version in 2014)
Duration​ : 6 mn 30 s
First performance : September 6, 2014, Orchestre d'Auvergne and Romain Leleu, trumpet
Publisher : Gérard Billaudot (Ref: GB9616)
Purchase the CD here: Romain Leleu, trumpet and the Orchestre d'Auvergne conducted by Roberto Forés Veses
The tender and nostalgic melody of the beginning of the piece appears in a profoundly peaceful and luminous atmosphere. This single and omnipresent theme, supported by warm harmonies, never stops rising, desperate, until it reaches a poignant climax.
Doors to heavenly music then open, instruments suspended in the high register, while a violin, as a comforting Angel, introduces itself into the dialogue.
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Citadelle / Citadelfor piano and cello
Instrumentation : piano and cello
Composition​ : 2015
Commission : Pontlevoy Festival
Duration​ : 7 mn 30 s
First performance : June 27, 2015, in Pontlevoy (F) by François Chaplin, piano and Xavier Philipps, cello
Publisher : Editions Billaudot (Ref.: GB10252) - Collection Gautier Capuçon
The artists' inner world is their citadel, the source of their inspiration and a refuge where they may reconnect with themselves.
A plaintive song emanates from the cello, supported by granitic, unchanging piano chords. The piano then takes the floor with a powerful theme in long note valves (meas. 13) that unfolds in various instrumental combinations.
Trois Nuits / Three Nightsfor 2 cellos
Instrumentation : 2 cellos
Composition​ : 2014
Commission : Association Musique d'un siècle in Dieulefît
Duration​ : 17 mn
First performance : June 7, 2014, in Dieulefit by François Salque and Hermine Horiot
Publisher : Gérard Billaudot (Ref: GB8222) - Gautier Capuçon Collection
1 - Dancing Stars (Les étoiles qui dansent)
2 - Glimmer (Lueur)
3 - Passage into the Underworld (La traversée des morts)

This work is a slow journey to death until the notes forming the name of DUTILLEUX emerge. (D=Ré, U=Sol,... in the French Sol-Fa system)
Les étoiles qui dansent (Dancing Stars) is constructed upon a theme revolving around a central note. Alternately rhythmic or lyrical, this pattern makes way for a second theme that will grimly collapse in the end.
Lueur (Glimmer) alternates a pizzicato nocturnal dance and the sound of plaintive voices (arco) in the upper register of the instrument. Halfway through the movement, the death-like atmosphere is dispelled and the mood becomes meditative with the return of the 'Étoiles' theme.
In the beginning of La traversée des morts (Passage into the Underworld), the cellist's bow evokes the oars of Charon's infernal boat in Greek mythology. The tempo increases until the enunciation of the notes that form the name of DUTILLEUX, to whom this work is a tribute. An infernal outburst brings the piece to its conclusion.
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Récits héroïques / Heroic Talesfor trumpet and organ
Instrumentation : C trumpet and organ
Composition​ : 2013
Commission : Amis de l'orgue d'Urrugne
Duration​ : 12 mn 30 s
First performance : August 5, 2013, in Urrugne by Romain Leleu, trumpet and Jean-Baptiste Robin, organ
Publisher : Gérard Billaudot (Ref: GB8222)
These three "Tales" may be performed separately or as a unit. They are inspired by a legend related to the Siege of La Rochelle in 1627-28. Appel (Call) is an evocation of the Hendaye sailors who made to La Rochelle to support the French fleet. L'ange noir (Back Angel) depicts the dead calm sea as the vessels come close to their goal and the wind suddenly abates: the sailors pray to the Virgin Mary for a favorable wind. Epopée (Epic) reflects the dangers and confusion of naval warfare and the French sailors' restored hope.
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Labyrinthe circulaire / Circular Labyrinthfor clarinet ensemble
Instrumentation : 8 clarinets in B flat and 1 bass clarinet
Composition​ : 2007
Commission : CRC in Persan for the Musique à l'Encre Fraîche festival
Duration​ : 8 mn
First performance : May 11, 2007, clarinet class in Persan Conservatory
Publisher : International Music Diffusion (IMD717)
This piece in three parts is composed around a theme based on a major sixth interval (lyrical) and mirror writing processes.
In the first part, very rhythmic and tormented, the main melody of the piece is heard in the background. Harmonic music follows with colorful swings and surrounded by fragmented memories of the beginning of the piece.
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Reflected FacesString quartet, harp, flute and clarinet in B flat
Instrumentation : String quartet, harp, flute and clarinet in B flat
Composition​ : 2006
Duration​ : 8 mn
First performance : June 21, 2005 by members of the Philharmonia Orchestra ? Royal Festival Hall in London ? Music of Today
Publisher : unpublished
This piece was inspired by The Snow Queen, one of Hans Christian Andersen's tales describing an evil mirror which distorts real life, rendering it ugly and negative.
The story is illustrated by many symmetrical effects influencing various elements of the work. The opening modal and polytonal idiom is intended to evoke a magical realm, while the second part inhabits a completely chromatic world. After this change comes the third and final part: an absolutely precise recapitulation of the first, except that all silences/rest have disappeared. This simple technique radically transforms the nature of the musical material.
Impulsion / Impulsefor 2 pianos and percussions
Instrumentation : 2 pianos and 2 percussionsists
Composition​ : 2006
Duration​ : 10 mn
First performance : Novermber 17, 2006 , le Lieu Unique/Nantes - November 21, 2006, Festival Est-Ovest/Torino - december 14, 2006, Weimar Hochschule für Musik
Publisher : unpublished
Impulsion is based on a constantly repeated melody and each new intervention is transposed from the last note of the "theme". Combining passacaglia and variation, this melody naturally goes through the cycle of twelve sounds.
This piece also presents numerous chords and reflective modes: writing procedures recently devised by the composer.
But for the listener, these hidden structures give way to rhythmic music, built by strata, and characterized by ascending lines and impulses that continue to suspend the discourse to extreme tessitura. These energies are erased at the center of the work (measure 97), the content and form are then reflected in a spread clarity.
This work was composed for my friends from the Utopik Ensemble in Nantes.
Etoile intérieure / Inner Starfor piano and organ
Instrumentation : piano solo and organ
Composition​ : 1999 (revision in 2015)
Duration​ : 4 mn 30 s
First performance : October 11, 2007 in Sainte-Radegonde Church in Poitiers by Alain Villard, piano and Jean-Baptiste Robin, organ
Publisher : Delatour