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Hymnes - Aeolus label

AE-11101 "Hymnes" - Organ music by Nicolas de Grigny, Thierry Escaich, Jean-Baptiste Robin, Benôit Mernier, Vincent Paulet and Pierre Farago - world premiere recordings.
Vincent Dubois, Olivier Latry, Pierre Farago, Benoît Mernier et Jean-Baptiste Robin play the Bertrand Cattiaux organ (2000) in the Basilica Saint-Remi at Reims
Aeolus quality high resolution recording, in stereo and 5.0 surround.
68-page full color booklet provides an introduction to the works and information about the artists and instrument.

Nicolas de Grigny (1672-1703)
Ave maris stella
Veni Creator
Pange lingua
A Solis Ortus
Verbum Supernum

Hymne by Vincent Paulet (*1962)
Five Versets on the Veni Creator by Jean-Baptiste Robin (*1976)
Pange lingua by Benoît Mernier (*1964)
Adusque terrae limitem by Pierre Farago (*1969)
Evocation IV by Thierry Escaich (*1965)

Playing time: 1:58 (h:m)
Booklet: 68p., English German French
Order Nr. AE 11101
EAN 4026798111014
Product category: SACD

In 2011, the 800th anniversary of the laying of the first stone of the Cathedral of Reims, the "Association Renaissance des grandes orgues de la Basilique St-Remi" initiated an exceptional musical project: in homage to the famous Nicolas de Grigny, the titular organist of the Cathedral of Reims from 1696 until his premature death in 1703, five contemporary composers were commissioned to compose a new work for organ. A complete cycle of pieces became the catalyst of their new compositions: the five hymns by de Grigny. Among the leading names of our time five composers were selected: Vincent Paulet, Pierre Farago, Thierry Escaich, Jean-Baptiste Robin and Benoît Mernier. Each composer chose one of the hymns destined to become the ferment of his own composition.
Between 2011-2014 these new compositions found their place in the context of a series of concerts. Accompanied by her historic "Double", they caused noticeable reactions of the audience, which was carried away by the boldness and originality of this project! Each piece was interpreted by his own creator, with the exception of two: the two titular organists of Notre-Dame in Paris, Vincent Dubois and Olivier Latry, performed the works of Thierry Escaich and Vincent Paulet.
To preserve a permanent trace of these great experiences, is the main objective of the present recording, which was supervised by Aeolus producer Christoph Martin Frommen in September, 2015. The recordings took place in the Basilica St.Remi at Reims featuring the beautiful Bertrand Cattiaux organ (2000, III / 45) which is a perfect instrument not only for contemporary music but also for french baroque organ repertoire.
This double SACD album thus offers five world premieres of fascinating contemporary organ music, combined with the five hymns by Nicolas de Grigny.

A must have for everyone who loves highest quality organ recordings!