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Jean-François Dandrieu | Offertoires at the Royal Chapel in Versailles


Ensemble Il Caravaggio

Camille Delaforge, organ, harpsichord and direction
Jean-Baptiste Robin, great organ

Jean-François Dandrieu mirrors himself: here is the King’s organist in his costume of chamber composer, reeds and flutes compete with the trills of the violin... It is rare to have two such dissimilar versions of the same works, two facets of a composer which combine the grandeur and majesty of the organ pieces with the Italianate and virtuoso playfulness of trio sonatas where the violin leads the dance! Yet it was these chamber pieces that Dandrieu first composed, in 1705, and then revisited at the height of his career in Offertoires pour orgue presque galants (1739). Under the musical direction of Camille Delaforge, the ensemble Il Caravaggio allows this inventive and splendid music to sparkle, while Jean-Baptiste Robin makes the stops of his Grand Orgue resound magnificently, filling the Royal Chapel !

Recorded at the Chapelle Royale de Versailles from July 8 to 11 and from December 17 to 19, 2019.