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En Clara voxfor two equal voices and organ
Instrumentation : Children's choir (or women's choir) and organ
Composition​ : 2013
Commission : Notre-Dame de Paris
Duration​ : 3 mn 30 s
First performance : October 23, 2013 by the Maîtrise de Notre?Dame de Paris, cond. Emilie Fleury - Denis Comtet, organ
Publisher : unpublished
This motet for the Advent period is a part of Livre de Notre-Dame.
Emergencesfor children choir and organ
Instrumentation : Children?s choir and organ
Composition​ : 2005
Commission : Radio France
Duration​ : 27 mn
First performance : January 24, 2005, hall Olivier Messiaen (studio 104) in Radio France by the Maîtrise de Radio France (Radio France children?s choir), cond.: Toni Ramon
Publisher : unpublished (score available at Radio France)
This work offers several Emergences. Emergences in the sense that the work evokes an ascent from the abyss to the surface of the sea, into the clouds that form part of the ocean. Emergences also because the sounds of the choir are gradually transformed from a simple vowel into the saying of a poem.
Thus, the beginning of the work ? an evocation of ocean floors ? begins with a generally static melody where only a few vowels are pronounced by the voices. The choir sounds gradually change and form "words", or singers recite some names of these amazing beings who live from four thousand meters below sea?level.
Poèmes de l'aube et de la nuit / Poems of Dawn and Nightfor mezzo-soprano and piano
Instrumentation : mezzo-soprano and piano
Composition​ : 2001
Duration​ : 6 mn 30 s
First performance : Aude Morales, piano - Noriko Akiba, mezzo-soprano
Publisher : unpublished (text by Philippe Jaccottet published by Gallimard)
Hommage à Reiner Maria Rilkefor soprano and ensemble
Instrumentation : soprano, oboe, basson, piano, violin, viola and cello
Composition​ : 2001
Duration​ : 9 mn
First performance : Marie-Bénédicte Souquet, soprano and musicians from the CNSMDP, cond. Jean Deroyer
Publisher : unpublished (texts by Philippe Jaccottet published by Gallimard Editions)