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Claude Debussyworks for organ
Instrumentation : Organ
Publisher : Le Chant du Monde
Three legendary works by Claude Debussy, in organ transcriptions wherein faithfulness to the text and concern for adaptation to the pipe instrument strike an exemplary balance.
With preface and performing instructions in English and French.
La Cathédrale engloutie - The Sunken Cathedral
Clair de lune - Moonlight
Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune - Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun

Score: 40 pages with cover
Catalogue number: OR4985
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The American OrganArticles
Publisher : Orgues Nouvelles (#29 - June 2015)
Articles on E.M. Skinner Organ Company.
Interviews of Thomas Murray, Joseph Dzeda, Frédéric Champion, Harley Piltinsgrud, Olivier Latry...
Tout Bachbook
Publisher : Robert Laffont - Collection : Bouquins
All Bach
Book in French. 992 pages.
Bach Dictionary with a complete and detailed presentation of Johann Sebastian Bach Organ works by Jean-Baptiste Robin.
This book contains texts by Rinaldo Alessandrini, Stéphane Barsacq, Jérôme Bastianelli, Hadrien France-Lanord, Sylvain Gasser, Jean-Jacques Groleau, Jean-Pierre Jackson, Anne-Sophie Jacouty, Jean-Luc Macia, Christian Makarian, Antoine Mignon, Marguerite Mousset, Timothée Picard, Jean-Baptiste Robin, Christophe Rousset, David Sanson & Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin.